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Google Adds Expandable AdWords Ads With Carousels on Mobile

Google is running a new style of AdWords ad that includes an expandable section which will then display an added carousel on the bottom of the ad.  This format is similar to some carousels we have seen used in AdWords ads, except these ones cannot be viewed without expanding the section first.

Here is it unexpanded – you can see the down arrow indicating it can be expanded.

And here it is once you click to expand it.  In this case, the expanded results aren’t even targeted to the query “Seattle hotels”, they are just for a generic hotels query.

When you scroll to the end, it doesn’t give an option to view more like we have seen on some similar ad types.

This isn’t exclusive to just hotel search queries.  Here it is for another query:

These ads seem to be in the rotation of ads that Google serves for advertisers, as they don’t show up with every query.  They are currently active in multiple countries.

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