Here you can find a listing of the guides available for search marketing.  These guides cover Google Panda, Mobile Friendly Algo, and the Google Quality Rater’s Guidelines.

Google’s Panda Algo for Quality Content

Learn everything there is to know about Google Panda, complete with brand new quotes direct from Google.

View the Google Panda Search Algo Guide here

Google’s Mobile Friendly Search Algo

30+ things all SEOs and webmasters should know about Google’s new Mobile Friendly search algo, which gives a ranking boost to all mobile friendly webpages.

View the Mobile Friendly Search Algo Guide here

Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines

We have covered the last three updates of the Quality Rater Guidelines.  It is worth reading each int urn, as they cover the major changes from the previous versions.

Updated Google Quality Rater Guidelines: No More Supplementary Content, Emphasis on E-A-T

This version was published by Google at the end of March 2016.  Google removed the previous emphasis on supplementary content, and they are putting much more weight on E-A-T.  Local also gets a revamp in how Google wants their raters to look at it.

View the March 2016 Qualty Rater Guidelines Analysis here

Latest Google Search Quality Rater’s Guide: Mobile Rewrite

With this version, we see Google place greater emphasis on mobile – for the first time, most rater tasks are being done on mobile devices instead of desktop, and all the examples given are now for mobile.  While we covered a leaked copy, after we published, Google decided to release the guidelines publicly.

View the October 2015 Qualty Rater Guidelines Analysis here

Google Rewrites Quality Rating Guide – What SEOs Need to Know

Google’s leaked quality rating guidelines from 2014 brought the idea of E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness) and supplementary content to the forefront of what Google wants to see on high quality sites.

View the 2014 Google Quality Rater Guidelines Analysis here

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