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Penguin 3.0 Finally Updates – Google Hits Homepages, Affiliates & 301 Redirect Spam

Penguin 3.0 Finally Updates – Google Hits Homepages, Affiliates & 301 Redirect Spam

Penguin 3.0 is here! The latest on the types of sites that got hit with quotes from SEOs on what they are seeing. Did link buyers win this round as Dave Naylor feels? Read more…

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Twitter Launches Video Uploading & Editing Features

As expected, Twitter has launched their own video service that allows users to upload and edit video directly on Twitter. Rumors about the video feature started circling earlier this month and many saw that as something necessary for Twitter to begin doing, since they were losing out on potential ad revenue with users hosting their […]

Test the New Google Webmaster Tools Search Query Feature

Google Webmaster Tools is working on a brand-new search query feature and that they are looking for webmasters to try it out. They are specifically looking for people who are a regular user of the search query information that is currently in Google Webmaster Tools. They are also wanting to know how you are using […]


Matt Cutts Talks About His Early Spam Fighting Days at Google

If you haven’t been in the industry long enough to remember when Matt Cutts could attend a conference and NOT be surrounded by dozens of “Cuttlets”, you will enjoy this video of a recent talk Matt did talking about his early days at Google.  He spoke at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill […]


Flipping the Webinar – Advanced Tips from Industry Expert on Re-imagining Stale Webinars

Most search engine marketers have read Seth Godin’s ebook, “Flipping the Funnel.” Now, another industry expert is sharing some advanced tips and techniques for “Flipping the Webinar.” Michael Kolowich is a recognized pioneer and innovator in internet content, high-technology marketing, and the application of digital video technology. He is currently CEO of KnowledgeVision Systems, an […]

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Pinterest Acquires Machine Learning Company Kosei to Boost Product Recommendations & Advertising

Pinterest is upping the game with the purchase of machine learning startup company Kosei in an effort to enhance many of their services such as product discovery, recommendations and monetization. Kosei helps websites specifically with product recommendations on websites, in apps and with advertising. Using datasets, it is able to reasonably protect what’s a shopper […]

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comScore Shows Google Lost 1.6% of Search Share When Firefox Made Yahoo Default Search Engine

The latest comScore data following the Firefox switch to Yahoo as its default search provider shows that it was as impactful to Google’s search share has was believed. Google saw a 1.6% decrease in their overall search share while Yahoo jumped up by 1.6%. It’s not a huge surprise, as many people didn’t realize that […]


Facebook Users Can Report Hoaxes and Fake News Links, Reducing Organic Exposure for Those Links

Facebook is making a new change that will allow all users to report fake news stories or hoaxes that tend to get posted over and over again on Facebook.  And when reported multiple times, those stories will see reduced exposure in Facebook user’s news feeds. When a Facebook user reports that they feel a post […]