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Google Takes Action Against European & German Link Networks

Google Takes Action Against European & German Link Networks

Google has once again stepped up their attack on international link spam by announcing they have taken action against two link networks, one European and one German. Read more…

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How to Find Hidden Data in Your Google AdWords Account

The AdWords game can be played several ways. One strategy is to build out your account and turn on automation to let Google work towards getting you the most conversions. Another AdWords game strategy still involves using automation but requires stepping outside Google to use powerful third party tools and scripts. But one of the […]

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Google No Longer Using Authorship in Search Results

We have seen the signs of the death of authorship for sometime.  We saw a dramatic reduction in the amount of results showing authorship in Google.  Then came the removal of authorship author photos in the search results.  And now Google has announced that authorship in the search results is no longer being utilized. John […]

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Bing Ads Testing Close Variant Matching in US

Hot on the heels of Google AdWords making the change of all exact and phrase match keywords being changed to close variant matching, Bing Ads has announced that they are running a close variant matching test in the US. Bing has also created a handy chart that shows all the types of variant matching and […]

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Facebook Will Target Ad Types Based on User’s Internet Connection

If you use a lot of rich media advertising on Facebook, you may want to rethink that strategy with some new changes Facebook has made with their ad targeting based on the user’s internet speed at the time they are served ads, also called bandwidth targeting. While Facebook says they expect this to primarily affect […]

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Twitter Analytics Available to All Users

If you have a personal Twitter account, you will be happy to know that Twitter now has analytics available to all users. Twitter launched an analytics dashboard last month, but it was only available to a select group of people – primarily advertisers and those users with a verified account.  Otherwise, marketers were forced to […]

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Why You Should Care About PageRank

If you’re an experienced SEO you likely read the title thinking, “Oh no.”  If you’re newer to SEO you’ll have read it and thought to yourself, “But … that goes against what I’ve read on a hundred other sites.”  If either of these was your instinct you’re right, assuming you were thinking of that little […]

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Yahoo Launches Content Recommendation Widget

Yahoo is jumping into the native advertising widget game by launching their own content recommendation widget. The widget – similar to the well known Taboola and Outbrain content recommendation widgets – recommends stories the reader might be interested in along with sponsored ads.  The widget is appearing at the bottom of news stories on sites […]

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Pinterest Launches Analytics for Business Accounts

Pinterest is taking a step closer to becoming a social media advertising powerhouse by launching new real-time analytics tools for business accounts. Analytics are based on monthly data, shows whether your numbers are trending up or down, and displays: Average daily impressions Average daily viewers How many monthly viewers Average monthly engaged Top pin impressions, […]

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New YouTube Feature Allows Uploading of Google+ Videos

If you have videos on Google+, Google is launching a new tool on YouTube that allows people to import their Google+ videos to YouTube. The new tool is on the video upload page of YouTube and is located to the right of the upload video tool with a large Google+ icon. Clicking the “Import” button […]

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Facebook Planning Display Ad Network to Compete Against Google’s DoubleClick

Facebook is planning a display ad network they see as competing against Google’s DoubleClick Network. In 2013, Facebook bought ad serving company Atlas from Microsoft, and is using it as the backbone of their new ad service, an acquisition many saw as a way to expand their ad serving business.  However, Sheryl Sanderg, Facebook’s COO, […]


Facebook Page’s Click Baiting Days Are Over With News Feed Change

Facebook users will no longer have to wonder about “what happens next” with a major change Facebook has made regarding click baiting posts made to Facebook pages. The “you won’t believe what happens next” type of headlines and teasers became popular – and highly visible – when Upworthy began utilizing the technique for their feel […]


Facebook Reduces Exposure for Links Shared within Status Updates

Many Facebook publishers have been posting images along with a link to the relevant story as part of their status update, rather than sharing the link traditionally, which would include an excerpt from the story.  Images perform well on Facebook, and a shared image appears much larger in a news feed, over an image from […]