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New Google Mobile Algo: Google Begins Reducing Visibility for Non-Mobile Friendly Sites That Received Warnings

New Google Mobile Algo: Google Begins Reducing Visibility for Non-Mobile Friendly Sites That Received Warnings

Webmasters who recently received a notice from Google warning them their sites were not mobile friendly have suddenly found themselves with reduced visibility in Google’s mobile search results. Read more…

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There is No Duplicate Content Penalty in Google

There is no duplicate content penalty.  Yes, really. The issue of duplicate content is a real one for webmasters.  But Gary Illyes at SMX this week stressed that duplicate content is not a penalty and that it is just a myth. Even though duplicate content is not technically a penalty, it is referred to as […]

SEO Jobs Salary Guide 2015 Conductor

SEO Industry Salary Guide: What You Should Earn In 2015 [Infographic]

SEO professionals are in high demand in 2015. Even better news – salaries also continue to grow. Both those findings come courtesy of Conductor, which crunched some data from 4,300 active SEO industry U.S. job postings on Indeed.com and Payscale.com. So whether you’re due for a raise, or perhaps considering a change of scenery, here’s […]


Google’s Gary Illyes Q&A on Upcoming Mobile Ranking Change

At SMX West today, Gary Illyes was put on the hot seat by SEOs and moderator Barry Schwartz on the upcoming mobile changes to Google’s ranking algorithm for searchers on mobile devices.  Here is what we learned. Responsive does not have a ranking benefit Because Google has been pushing responsive design as a way to […]

Google Webmaster Tools Plans Month Long #MobileMadness Help Campaign

As some marketers are getting concerned as the April 21st deadline to get websites mobile friendly before they are negatively impacted by Google’s new mobile ranking algo, Google Webmaster Tools is kicking off a month long #MobileMadness event to help get webmasters prepped and prepared for the change. Google announced that mobile-friendliness would begin to […]


It’s Time You Started Acting Like the Publisher You Are

You may not think of yourself as a publisher, but guess what? You are! Maybe you provide services to consumers or other businesses, or perhaps you manufacture or sell products. I get it, those things are your bread and butter. But in today’s online environment, you can’t sell anything unless you’re also effective at creating […]

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Unleash Your Quality Score Beast Mode (Bing Ads Edition)

Thinking of getting fancy with Quality Score? It may be better to be more straightforward. Read on. Quality Score is the driving force in the PPC ranking algorithm at all major search engines; indeed, it has been since Google AdWords Select was released in 2002. You could do far worse than to model your strategy […]


Embed Twitter Videos Directly To Websites

If you post many videos directly to Twitter, you’ll be happy to know that now users can embed your videos directly. The new video embedding allows users to link the direct video, which will show as a traditional video screen, but it will also display the Twitter logo and the uploaders name and Twitter handle. […]

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Google Splitting Google+ Into Photos & Streams

Google is splitting apart Google+, launching Google Photos and Streams, a standalone product for the popular photo elements that were included as part of Google+. Some of the Google+ features for photos have been pretty popular for users, but as it is linked to Google+, its growth was much slower in comparison to other standalone […]

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How YouTube Will Enforce the No Sponsor Overlays Rule

YouTube video creators of them quite concerned ever since YouTube made the change that would prevent video creators from brokering outside sponsorships that would include an overlay of the sponsors logo want their video, and less that sponsor purchases an ad package directly from Google. This obviously has many YouTube creators concerned. Many have been […]

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Do you Design Websites? No Follow Your “Designed By” Footer Links

It is quite common for web designers to include “Designed by XYZ” with a link back to their web design website for any website they design.  But while some designers have ceased the practice of including footer links in websites, it seems like sometimes there’s a blind eye turned to any web designers that are […]


Google Reverts Change Banning Sexually Explicit Content on Blogger

It turns out that it Blogger will not be changing their porn policy after all, following an outcry from the Blogger community, a blog hosting service by Google. Earlier this week Google announced that they would be implementing an important policy on blogger that would prohibit new accounts from posting porn but would also affect […]


Google Analytics Not Updating AdSense Stats

Google Analytics has stopped updating statistics from Google AdSense properly, showing almost no data when viewing the AdSense part of the AdSense account, nor is it showing when viewing the Behavior overview. The problem began on Tuesday when publishers began noticing that Google AdSense stats showing within Google Analytics with much lower than expected. It […]


Google Play Adding Paid Search Results for AdWords App Advertisers

Google is planning on rolling out sponsored search results with in the Google Play App Store within the next few weeks. Thus far, Google has not included any paid search results in their Google Play App Store, but many expected it would eventually be added, both because advertisers wanted it and because it would generate […]


Do Exact Match Domains Help or Hurt Google Rankings? John Mueller Weighs In

There’s a lot of back-and-forth between SEOs on whether exact match domains are still worth using or if Google tends to down rank strictly because they can come across as being pretty spammy with “keyword-keyword-keyword” types of domains. This question was raised in the Google Webmaster Help Hangout video this week and John Mueller went […]

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How to Productively Build Your Brand On Social Media

There is a frustrating (yet, quite obvious) reality associated with social media: Being seen and building presence takes a lot of time and effort. Your best bet is to attempt to be more productive with the time that you actually spend on the process. Here are nine ways that will make you a more productive […]