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Penguin 3.0 Finally Updates – Google Hits Homepages, Affiliates & 301 Redirect Spam

Penguin 3.0 Finally Updates – Google Hits Homepages, Affiliates & 301 Redirect Spam

Penguin 3.0 is here! The latest on the types of sites that got hit with quotes from SEOs on what they are seeing. Did link buyers win this round as Dave Naylor feels? Read more…

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Bing Ads Adding Third Party Publishers in AdSense-like Program

Bing Ads is planning to add quality third party publishers to their network to display ads from Bing Ads advertisers.  David Pann made the announcement at Bing Ads Connect in Redmond Thursday. The program would be similar to Google AdSense, with ads being displayed on publisher sites that are triggered both through search and contextual.  […]

German Publishers Ask Google News to Display Snippets & Thumbnails Again

German publishers of multiple news sites have asked Google to start displaying snippets and thumbnails once again, 3 weeks after Google removed them from Google News. In a highly publicized case, 200+ German news publishers were fighting Google in court over the use of snippets and thumbnails in Google News, and Google made the decision […]


Unruly launches programmatic video platform for premium impressions

Unruly, a marketing technology company, today announced that it is has partnered with Index Exchange, a division of ad technology firm Casale Media, to access programmatic demand from leading demand side platforms and agency trading desks. This partnership marks the launch of UnrulyX, the industry’s first programmatic media trading platform to allow advertisers to buy […]


Bing Ads Launch Universal Event Tracking Tags

Nishant Gupta from Bing Ads announced Universal Event Tracking (UET) at the Bing Ads Connect event in Redmond, Washington Thursday.  It allows advertisers to create and define goals in order to get greater depth of conversion reporting and tracking. Universal Event Tracking is similar to Google AdWords Universal Tags.   It is the first step towards […]

Receive Lots of DMCAs? Expect to Rank Lower in Google

Google has added some new online piracy tools and features, but one in particular has the possibility to affect webmasters, particularly those who are on the receiving end of DMCAs filed with Google. In August 2012 we first announced that we would downrank sites for which we received a large number of valid DMCA notices. […]

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Google Wants to Visit Online Marketing Teams in Their Offices

Google wants to learn more about how companies use Google Webmaster Tools as well as how they manage content and infrastructure, and they are willing to come to you to do it.  Gary Illyes, a Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, has posted on Google+ looking for companies willing to have Google visit them as they go […]

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Pivot Table Magic: Improve CTR in 5 Easy Steps

In today’s article I’ll be teaching a new skill in pivot table mastery which will help make you more efficient and effective when optimizing your Bing Ads or other digital marketing campaigns. The specific focus is uncovering low CTR search terms – as the most granular level of keyword match-based ad campaigns, search terms are […]

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SEMPO Responds to Questions About the Proposed Code of Ethics

There has been quite a bit of concern and controversy surrounding the industry Code of Ethics (COE) that SEMPO wants to see implemented.   There has definitely been a lot of questions, so I approached both Tony Wright, the VP of Communication and Public Relation for SEMPO, who led the original SEMPO meeting about the plans […]

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Penguin 3.0 Affects Less than 1% of Queries, Will Rollout for Weeks

Google has publicly posted the first comments about the Penguin update.  Pierre Far shared the following on Google+: On Friday last week, we started rolling out a Penguin refresh affecting fewer than 1% of queries in US English search results. This refresh helps sites that have already cleaned up the webspam signals discovered in the […]

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Facebook Organic Impressions Down 50% But Paid Impressions Up Only 5%

It has been obvious to marketers that Facebook has been repeatedly reducing organic impressions of Page posts for months, but now we have the stats behind it and it shows Facebook has reduced organic impressions have been reduced by 50% over the past year. Adobe Digital Index released their Global Digital Advertising Report for Q3 […]