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Google’s Mobile Friendly Algo: Everything You Need to Know

Google’s Mobile Friendly Algo: Everything You Need to Know

Everything you could possibly want to know about Google’s new mobile friendly ranking algo that is launching on April 21st for all mobile searchers. Get your websites mobile friendly with all the information here! Read more…

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bing apps tester tool

Bing Adds New Applinks Markup Tester Tool

If you have an app you are making crawlable, Vincent Wehren from Bing has a pretty detailed blog post on the Bing Webmaster Blog today. At first, you may ask yourself: how do I apply my SEO chops to apps? How can I as the web search person help drive app installs through search? Isn’t […]

sam edwards social media

5 Ways Social Media Affects Google Search Rankings

It seems like everything funnels through social media these days, and SEO should be included in that category. Not only are the two related, but social media actually has a direct impact on search rankings and overall SEO efforts. This can either be a positive or a detriment to your web pages – the choice […]


Google Asking Searchers What Needs Most Improvement

Google is testing a new survey in the search results.  This one, rather than rating the search results, is instead asking “What aspect of Google Search needs the most improvement?” They ask webmasters to select an area they feel needs improvement and also offer a space for searchers to include another reason they feel needs […]


Google’s Quality Algo Update: What We Know About It

Google has finally confirmed what many of us suspected… they have made a change to their core search ranking algorithm, and it is being dubbed as the Quality Update or the Quality Algo, and formerly referred to as the Phantom Update, or Phantom Update 2. Changes were first noticed at the beginning of the month […]

adwords icon

Google AdWords With Matching Sitelinks & Descriptions

I came across this unusual Google AdWords ad, and it definitely caught my eye, since it had two identical lines in a row – the sitelinks in one line, and the duplicated sitelinks, without the links, in the description line. It could be just how the company decided to do their ad copy, rather than […]

mobile friendly test update

Google Plans to Update Mobile Friendly Test Tool

Maile Ohye at SMX today announced that they will be updating their Mobile Friendly Test to be more granular and provide insight into other on-page elements. It is very likely these elements will be rolled into the mobile friendly algo as Google begins to add signals to the algo that will reflect issues beyond simply […]

mobile thumb2

Google Continuing to Work on Separate Mobile Search Index

Earlier this year, Gary Illyes from Google mentioned that Google has been working on a completely separate mobile index.  This would see both desktop and mobile have its own set of search results which would be served depending on what the searcher was searcher with. Google is reportedly still testing two indexes as Maile Ohye […]

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Google Webmaster Tools Renamed Google Search Console

Google Webmaster Tools is being renamed Google Search Console according to a post made on the Google Webmaster Central blog. It turns out that the traditional idea of the “webmaster” reflects only some of you. We have all kinds of Webmaster Tools fans: hobbyists, small business owners, SEO experts, marketers, programmers, designers, app developers, and, […]

googlebot thumb3

Want to Test Search Analytics API from Google Webmaster Tools?

If you are interested in testing out the new API for Search Analytics in Google Webmaster Tools, you are in luck.  Google is working on the API and John Mueller from Google is looking for those who are interested in testing it out. We are also working on an API for the Search Analytics feature, […]

bing wikipedia answer box 1

Bing Putting Entire Wikipedia Pages in Search Results Answer Box Test

Google tends to get flack from webmasters about the usage of snippets in their answer boxes.  Bing is definitely taking this a step further by putting the contents of entire Wikipedia sections and pages right on their Bing search result pages. Here is a Bing search for SEO, and the resulting answer box in animated […]

twitter header thumb

Twitter’s “While You Were Away” Favors Visual Content

If you have a lot of followers who might only check into Twitter once every day or two, you might want to consider posting more visual content.  The “While You Were Away” feature tends to favor visual-based tweets over purely text tweets when it chooses what to display. Twitter recently made the change to display […]

mf bing android

Firefox for Android Not Displaying Mobile Friendly Tags

If you use Firefox for Android, you may have noticed that the Google search results are not displaying the usual “Mobile Friendly” tags that normally display before all mobile friendly search results. This screenshot was taken with the Firefox for Android app, with a version that hasn’t been updated to the newest release. It isn’t […]

book reviews 3

Google Displaying More Reviews in Book & Movie Review Answer Box

Google is testing a new answer box for book reviews that displays multiple review sites rather than the usual single ratings via Goodreads. This seems to be a limited roll out, as I am seeing the expanded reviews while other users are still seeing the traditional single review format, which tends to link to Goodreads. […]

google buy button header

Google Introducing Buy Button in Search Results to Compete With Amazon

Google is stepping up their e-commerce offerings for advertisers with a new program that would see “Buy Now” buttons added to search results, with the entire transaction being hosted by Google, rather than the seller. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, the buy buttons will launch within the next few weeks in […]


Google Hover & Fly Out Local Listings in Search Results

Google has changed they way they are serving local listings in Google.  Now, each listing has a “fly out” that replaces the Google Maps area on the right-hand side of the page with the company’s knowledge graph. This style has been appearing for some users off and on for at least a year, but now […]

walmart google plus profile pic3

Why Your Google+ Profile Image is Important for SEO

Most people, when choosing the Google+ image for their business, tend to choose the company logo. They may do variations of their logo for certain events or seasons, such as Christmas or Mother’s Day, but the logo itself is usually recognizable to anyone somewhat familiar with the brand. But some companies have been choosing non-traditional […]

mobile no ads thumb

European Mobile Carriers Planning to Block Ads to Force Google to Pay Them

European mobile networks are declaring their own war on Google’s ad revenue by considering the use of the ad blocker Shine across their datacenters, which would block ads from being served to all their mobile customers. They do plan to allow ads to continue to be displayed in social networks, including both Facebook and Twitter, […]

google hotels visit website

Google Displays Visit Website Not Rates in Hotel Listings

Google has been adding more features to their hotels in the Google search results, most notably with the 3-pack of hotel listings directly within the search results that allow searchers to search availability and which lists pricing. I noticed something unusual when doing a search. For some hotels, Google does not display a listed price […]