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Google’s Gary Illyes Q&A on Upcoming Mobile Ranking Change

Google’s Gary Illyes Q&A on Upcoming Mobile Ranking Change

Gary Illyes from Google reveals 12 things webmasters need to know about the new upcoming mobile ranking signal that comes into play on April 21st. Read more…

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Google’s Mobile Ranking Signal in Development Over a Year

Google’s Maile Ohye’s was at SES Miami this week for her keynote presentation where she talked quite a bit about Google’s upcoming mobile ranking signal change where mobile friendly sites get a boost in mobile search results. The mobile ranking boost has been in the works for over a year, according to Ohye.  This matches […]


Does Google Plan to Change Titles & Descriptions for Mobile Search Results? Google’s Response

When Google makes the switch on April 21st where being mobile friendly will provide a ranking boost for searches done on mobile devices, would Google be tailoring titles and descriptions specifically for mobile searchers? At SES Miami yesterday, Google’s Maile Ohye’s keynote presentation was primarily about the new mobile ranking signal coming next month. One […]


Google Testing In-Depth Articles Without Header

Google is testing displaying in-depth articles within the search results without showing any header above them. Dr. Pete Meyers from Moz first noticed the change in their Mozcast data, but was unable to replicate the test.  However, it is actually a test that is live, as I am seeing it in my search results. Here […]

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Google News Will Not Use New Mobile Ranking Signal… Yet

With Google’s new mobile ranking signal coming into effect on April 21st, many people questioned whether Google News rankings would be affected with this new ranking signal, or if it would continue serving up the best news source, regardless of whether it is mobile friendly or not. If you are in Google News but are […]

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Facebook Begins Continuous Video Autoplay Testing

If you weren’t happy about Facebook making the change to autoplay videos, you really won’t like this new change. They are testing a new change where the next video in a suggested playlist will automatically start playing if a user doesn’t select the next video to watch. Facebook confirmed to Re/code that it is part […]

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Facebook Launches Video Embedding on Third Party Sites

Facebook has finally given users the ability to embed their Facebook videos on third party sites, a major feature they were missing that saw them lagging behind industry leader YouTube. YouTube makes it easy for users to embed YouTube videos on any website, meaning it is easy for people to embed most videos on a […]


Google’s New Mobile Ranking Signal Will Take a Week to Roll Out

With Google’s new mobile ranking signal set to roll out in less than a month, there are plenty of questions surrounding just how long the roll out will be. SEOs are accustom to seeing updated algorithms roll out over several days – or even weeks – particularly large scale ones.  But with the mobile ranking […]

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Bing’s Change to One Page of Search Results for Long Tail Queries Could Hurt Bing Ads Traffic

Bing has changed how they serve search results for some long tail keyword searches, by simply displaying a single page of search results only, without being able to easily view results beyond the first page. Often, for super long tail queries, the search results do tend to get sketchy when you are a couple of […]

Google’s Mobile Ranking Signal Does Not Affect Desktop Searches

There has been a lot of confusion – and some conspiracy theories – about whether the new mobile ranking signal would have any impact or bearing on desktop search results.  Google has reiterated what they have said previously – Google’s upcoming mobile ranking signal, which comes into play on April 21st, will not have any […]


Twitter Bringing Foursquare Location Tagging to Tweets

Better geo-tagging of tweets is coming soon with a partnership between Foursquare and Twitter. Since Foursquare split the check-in functionality of their app to a second app Swarm, Facebook has become a more popular avenue for social media users to check in to locations on mobile devices.  And while Twitter had been rumored to be […]

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Facebook Wants to Host Linked Articles From Partnered News Sites

Last October TheSEMPost reported that Facebook was considering hosting third-party content right on Facebook when users link to it in a Facebook post, rather than just allowing users to leave Facebook by clicking on the link to read the article.   Well, it appears that Facebook is doing just that, and the implications of it to […]

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Twitter Adds Quality Filtering for Verified Users

Tech blogger Anil Dash spotted a new feature that popped up in his verified Twitter account today… the ability to add a quality filter to the notifications timeline.  It aims to remove tweets that “contain threats, offensive or abusive language, duplicate content, or are sent from suspicious accounts”. Well, that's an interesting & welcome addition, […]


Third Party Sites Can Finally Embed Comments from Reddit

Reddit has often been a goldmine of information for website owners, and has been a major source of content for sites such as Buzzfeed, ViralNova, and the like.  But while Reddit is hugely popular, the lack of an embedding feature for third party sites meant many attributions to Reddit were added in tiny font, if […]

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Twitter Begins Testing Autoplay Videos for iOS Users

Twitter has followed the lead of both Facebook and YouTube by testing autoplay videos that appear in the news stream for some Twitter users. The test is for users on Twitter through the iOS apps on both iPhone and iPad.  Some users will see the videos autoplay in their entirety.  Others will only see a […]


Are Dynamic Search Ads Right For You? Part 1 DSA Series

Dynamic Search campaigns have been around for quite some time now and so I find myself surprised when I hear that companies haven’t given them a shot. There are many benefits to DSAs but each also comes with it’s own limitations. Nevertheless, given the right fit, the ROAS (or RODSAS, rather) can be plentiful. If you find […]


Exploit Discovered in Google Analytics by Yoast WordPress Plugin

Yet another major vulnerability has been discovered with a WordPress plugin popular with SEOs and webmasters.  And it is another Yoast plugin that is affected, this time the very popular Google Analytics by Yoast plugin.  This particular exploit used XXS in order to run malicious code. Those who use this plugin by Yoast need to […]