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Google Panda Update: Everything We Know About Panda 4.2

Google Panda Update: Everything We Know About Panda 4.2

Google has finally released the long-awaited Panda update. Here is everything we know about the new update with plenty of quotes from SEO & Google penalty experts. Read more…

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remove low quality content

Google: How to Remove Low Quality Thin Content

There has been plenty of discussion over the past couple of days about Panda and thin versus thick content and when someone should improve quality versus remove suspected low quality content. More questions about this came up at Gary Illyes’ Pubcon keynote Thursday.  Jenny Halasz from JHL Marketing referenced the recent long Twitter discussion from […]

aimee beck content checklist

Quick ‘n Dirty Content Marketing Strategy Checklist

If you’re searching for tips, tricks and advice about content marketing, you’ll find a wealth of information — I mean a LOT of information. But if you’re not entirely familiar witht the concept of content marketing then how can you know what you don’t know? How can be sure you’re covering all the angles? Simple — […]

google panda increment rolllout

Google Panda Rolling Out in Pushed Increments, Not Constant

While we know that Google has been rolling out Panda 4.2 very, very slowly, the roll out is actually happening in pushed increments and isn’t a constant on-going rollout. Glenn Gabe asked Gary Illyes & John Mueller on Twitter whether Panda was being manually pushed out in increments versus a single push that has been […]

sam edwards seo keywords

Why SEO Is About More Than Just Keywords

If you’ve been using SEO in your web writing you know that it can really help bring readers to your website, it can bring you up farther when it comes to search engines, and it can even work to convert readers into sales. But it’s about more than just attracting people, it’s about how you […]

google hacked site algo

Google Adds New Hacked Site Algo to Search Results

If your website is hacked, Google is making changes to how they show those sites in the Google search results.  Previously, Google would add a “this site may be hacked” notation to warn searchers that the site is compromised and could harm their computers if they continue through to the website. But Google is now […]

jsonld structured data

Google Planning to Expand JSON-LD Structured Data to More Features

SEOs noticed Google began utilizing structured data markup with JSON-LD in July when it was noticed Google was displaying recipe data using JSON-LD in their search results. Google has added support for reviews in JSON-LD since then, and it is “supported for all Knowledge Graph features, sitelink search boxes, Event Rich Snippets, and Recipe Rich […]

local red stars

Google Testing Red Stars in Local 3-Pack & Mobile Results

We noticed Google testing red stars in both their AdWords ads and for reviews in the regular organic search results last week.  They are now also testing it in local 3-packs as well, and in the mobile search results too. Here is a screenshot of the red stars in local: Google began testing red stars […]

gabe shopping 1zaa

Optimizing Bing Shopping Campaigns – Part 1

While shopping ads share the same SERP as keyword-based text ads, they are a completely different animal when it comes to campaign management and optimization. Today’s article is part 1 of a 2-part series detailing the ins and outs of optimizing shopping ads, and will touch on shopping campaign setup as well as cover best […]

page speed insights interstitials

Google’s PageSpeed Insights Tool Now Reports on App Interstitials

If you use Google’s PageSpeed Insights Tool, a tool designed to help webmasters better optimize both desktop and mobile webpage load times, you may have noticed some very recent additions, with the most significant one being the addition of interstitials. Google is now including app interstitials as a problem under “consider fixing” in their reporting. […]

panda still rollout

Google Panda 4.2 Still Rolling Out

If you have been wondering whether the “months” that Google planned to roll out the latest Panda 4.2 update is over, it is not.  Gary Illyes from Google confirmed at SMX West Thursday that as of Wednesday it is still rolling out, and he expects it to continue rolling out for months. When Panda 4.2 […]

google trusted tester

Apply to be a Google Trusted Tester for Search

Google is soliciting applications for their “trusted tester for search” for those who are interested in testing new search tools, documentation and services. They are currently looking for those in these roles: Web-developer App-developer Design / UX SEM SEO Marketing Management Owner Other The survey takes about 5 minutes to fill out and Google will […]

rank boost api

New Google Search Ranking Boost for App Indexing API

Google is introducing a brand new ranking boost for popular app indexed content in the mobile search results, for those apps that use API app indexing.  Mariya Moeva, a Webmaster Trends Analyst from Google, made the announcement at SMX East. With the API, Google gets access to data about which pages users visit the most, […]


9 Budget Magic Tricks to Optimize PPC Accounts

On the surface of it, setting and managing PPC budgets is just a question of “how much am I prepared to spend?” but there are many ways that you can work with budgets to make significant differences to account performance. There is a lot to learn but here I want to look at the techniques […]

google adds local 3 pack

Full Addresses & Phone Numbers Back in Local 3-Packs… Again

Google has changed things once again and have returned both phone numbers and addresses back into local 3-pack results. We have seen Google going back and forth over whether full addresses and phone numbers display in 3-packs over the last week.  They were removed shortly after Google made the 3-pack change earlier this year, added […]