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Latest Google Search Quality Rater’s Guide: Mobile Rewrite

Latest Google Search Quality Rater’s Guide: Mobile Rewrite

We have a copy of the October 2015 Google Search Quality Rater’s Guidelines, and most of it has been rewritten. Not surprisingly, mobile is a major emphasis as well as quality content. Here is what you need to know. Read more…

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manual actions real time penguin

Manual Action Link Penalties After Penguin Goes Real Time

If you have wondered whether there would still be manual action link penalties once Penguin moves to being real time, we now know the answer.  Gary Illyes from Google was asked the question on Twitter, and the answer is yes, there will still be manual actions given for link penalties. @DonnieStrompf no — Gary Illyes […]

wikipedia secure

Why Wikipedia Went Secure & Why All Websites Should Do The Same

It has been no secret that Google has been pushing hard to see more websites go secure, complete with the HTTPS ranking boost to encourage more sites to do so.  Jimmy Wales was recently interviewed and contributed some of his own thoughts on why encryption is so important, and gives insight into why more webmasters […]

share facebook include original

Facebook Adds Share Option for Including Original Post

If you have shared something on Facebook since yesterday afternoon, you have probably noticed a new sharing option pop up.  This allows Facebook users to decide whether or not they want to include the original post with the share or not. Here is how it looks when you share a link on Facebook now. It […]

google reviews google plus

Google Removes Business Reviews in New Google+ Redesign

When Google+ launched their new redesign, one glaring omission for local businesses was the fact Google dropped the business reviews from the Google+ local pages.  While many wondered if it was an oversight, we now have confirmation that they will not be returning. Elizabeth P, a rep from Google on local confirmed that reviews are […]

bing black friday flyers.2PNG

Bing Ads Launches New Black Friday Flyer Ads in Search Results

Bing has added a new ad unit to the top of their search results highlighting the Black Friday flyers of some businesses. The ads highlight the entire flyer with a “view flyer option” along with thumbnails and links to individual items that are on sale for Black Friday.  The ad unit also includes when the […]

penguin update not refresh

Upcoming Penguin Will Be Update, Not Refresh, and Real Time

For those who have been wondering whether the new Penguin would be an update or merely a refresh, we now have our answer.  It will be a true Penguin update – meaning with new signals – rather than a refresh, which would mean simply rerunning the last version of Penguin. Gary Illyes from Google confirmed […]

gsc analytics updating

Google Search Analytics Updated Once Again

It appears that the Search Analytics in Google’s Search Console is updating once again.  After being stalled after the November 11th data refresh, users can now find data up to and including November 20th. The Search Analytics has been suffering issues lately with not refreshing the data.  Already this month it had stalled with data […]


Unruly Unveils Most Shared Video Ads of 2015 with ‘Friends Furever’ Topping the List

A cute video ad for Android featuring clips of unlikely animals playing together is the most shared ad of 2015, according to data released today by Unruly. “Friends Furever” – which depicts some surprising animal friendships – has attracted 6,432,921 shares across Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere since its launch in February, putting it ahead […]

google search quality ratings release

Google Officially Releases Search Quality Rating Guidelines

Google has officially released their Quality Rating Guidelines, the same guidelines I analyzed earlier this week from a leaked copy.  This marks the second time that Google has released a version, having released a stripped down version in 2013.  But this is the first time they have publicly and officially released the entire document. Something […]

google book carousels

New Book & Play Themed Carousels in Google Knowledge Panels

Google has added some new features to the Google Search results in both the knowledge panel and the associated carousel for books as well as both musicals and plays. This was actually a feature I was hoping for when covering a similar feature for movies. @jenstar try out some books or plays now. — Satyajeet […]

People meeting with computers.

SEO is Not Part of Website Development? Really?

After taking a website for a quick pre-launch spin before its designers moved it off the development server a developer said, “SEO is not part of development.”  Although I was performing accessibility compliance tests for my client, not SEO, I was stunned. I started building websites in 1995 and SEO was been part of that […]

google app only results

App-Only Content Now Appearing in Google Search Results

Google has stepped up promoting app content in the search results by now adding the ability to show content that is only available within an app.  Google is showing it in the search results even to those users who might not have the app installed. Because we recognize that there’s a lot of great content […]

search analytics fixed

Google Search Analytics Will Be Fixed By End of Week

After a brief period of updating, Search Analytics in Google Search Console is once again delayed. It began updating again but now it has stalled once again without any updates since November 11, 2015. Zineb Ait Bahajji posted an update on Google+ that the team is aware of the issue and they are working on […]

thomas app 2

Ad-Supported Apps in Google Play Store Will Be Labeled

In a move that could have a profound impact on both those who create apps as well as those who advertise in apps, Google is planning to begin listing when an app in the Google Play Store is supported by in-app advertising. Google currently states when an app has in-app purchases available, and they do […]

third party google now

Third Party Content in Google Now Cards Coming

For those of you who are Google Now fans, Gary Illyes from Google said they are wanting to add third-party cards into Google Now. We do see cards that are considered third party, primarily extracted from emails with the appropriate markup, such as the ones we see for flight details, hotel reservations and package shipping […]

duane forrester avalaunch

Bing’s Duane Forrester Announces He is Joining Bruce Clay Inc

Duane Forrester, part of the Bing Webmaster Tools team, recently announced he was leaving Bing and Microsoft but didn’t reveal where we was planning to move to.  And now we know… he is joining the team at Bruce Clay Inc. Duane made the announcement during his keynote at State of Search in Dallas, Texas on […]