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Understanding Google Panda: Definitive Algo Guide for SEOs

Understanding Google Panda: Definitive Algo Guide for SEOs

Want to know everything there is to know about Google Panda, Google’s algo that focuses on content? We have you covered with this guide covering all the major points and little tidbits of the algo, including brand new quotes from Google about Panda. Read more…

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japanese link network

Google Penalizes Japanese Link Network

On the Japanese Webmaster blog today, Google announced that they have penalized a Japanese link network for violating webmaster guidelines. They haven’t detailed which link network was penalized but I expect that information will be publicly available soon after penalized SEOs start talking about being hit with manual actions from this link network removal. この一環として、Google […]

deceptive site ahead

Google’s Safe Browsing Will Now Block Deceptive Ads

Have you ever needed to download a file from a download site, only to play a virtual game of hide and seek of “which is the real download button and not the one that will install shady malware if I click the wrong one?”  Or those “your flash player requires an update” ads?  Google has […]

structured data errors

Check Google Search Console for New Structured Data Errors

Google has made some changed to how they are processing structured data markup, meaning you could have some new structured data errors pop up in your Structured Data section in Google Search Console. John Mueller made the comment on Google+ that along with the new support for JSON-LD in products and snippets, they have “cleaned […]

google json products

Google Using JSON-LD for Products & Reviews

We reported earlier this week that Google is now using JSON-LD for ratings and reviews in the search results.  Google has officially confirmed JSON-LD for not just ratings and reviews, but also for products. Google has now updated their support page for ratings and reviews to reflect that JSON-LD is now available, which had not […]


New Ways to Use the SEO Tools in Your Toolbox

We know: You like 2-3 SEO tools, you get used to how they work and nothing compares to them. But what about all the rest out there? There are other SEO tools, and they do great things for other SEO people. I want to share with you some of the personal SEO tools that we […]

wordpress vulnerability

Update WordPress Immediately; Major Vulnerability Fixes

If you haven’t already updated WordPress with yesterday’s update, you will want to update immediately.  It fixes several vulnerabilities, including critical ones that are out in the wild. Shortly before the update was released, Sucuri released information regarding a major exploit they were seeing across many WordPress sites that resulted in many WordPress sites infected […]

2016 marketing events

160 Web Marketing Events Deserving Attention in 2016

With so many web marketing events going on in the world it is increasingly difficult to find which to consider to plan your “digital study trip” without risking to waste time and money. We decided to map the most significant ones, with at least one international session in English, dividing them by their main focus. In […]

json reviews2

Google Displaying JSON-LD Ratings & Reviews in Search Results

Google is now supporting ratings and reviews in JSON-LD format in the Google search results.   It is supporting JSON-LD for both the search results and review listings shown in the knowledge panel. Ramesh Singh sent me these screenshots where they were testing JSON-LD implementation on their site to test when Google would begin picking up […]

https pages sections only

Don’t Have to Move All Pages to HTTPS; Can Move Partial Sites

Many people are a bit wary of switching to HTTPS, especially with the potential loss of rankings while Google recrawls and matches up HTTP URLs with the new HTTPS ones.  While Google has said this shouldn’t take more than a couple of weeks, many site owners are still a bit concerned over the potential for […]

pagerank redirect

No PageRank Loss When 301 or 302 Redirect to HTTPS

One of the concerns that people have had over switching to HTTPS is whether there would be any PageRank loss, even a small amount, by redirecting all pages from the HTTP version to the HTTPS version.  After all, no one wants to make the switch for the tiny ranking boost (which acts as more of […]

france ban linking

France Wants to Ban Linking to Any Site Without Permission

If you want to link to a website in France, you would need to get explicit permission from the rights holder”, if two Parliament Members in France are successful in their proposal amendment. The idea was proposed but rejected by the Legislative Commission, but it is brought back again. Socialist Karine Berger and Valérie Rabault […]

spam report submitted

Google Sending Confirmation Notices for Spam Reports

Google seems to have made a small change for those who submit spam reports via Google Search Console… a new confirmation email WNC-652000 for “Spam report successfully submitted.” Here is the new notice they send out for a submitted spam report. Spam report successfully submitted Google has received a spam report for site http://www.example.com. We […]

google stock autocomplete 1

Google & Bing Display Stock Prices in AutoSuggest Drop Down

Google has added another new feature to their autocomplete drop down – stock prices.  Bing has also added the same, although with lesser success when compared to Google. Here is how it appears when you begin searching for the stock price of Facebook in Google: When you click that autocomplete result, it takes you to […]

indrect ctr google search

Indirect Benefits of CTR in the Google Search Results

Google has long said they don’t use CTR as a ranking factor, although they sometimes use it when doing experiments in the search results to judge quality of the serps. The question came up (again) in today’s webmaster hangout, and John Mueller went into detail about what he sees as indirect benefits from CTR in […]

google analytics ranking

Why Google Doesn’t Use Google Analytics for Ranking Purposes

Multiple Googlers have said many times that Google doesn’t use Google Analytics data for ranking purposes, but have never really gone into detail about why this is.  In today’s hangout, when John Mueller was commenting about CTR not being a ranking factor (again, something they have said multiple times) he got into specifics about why […]

reconsideration request language

Submit Reconsideration Requests in Same Language as Website

If you work on international sites, Gary Illyes from Google made an interesting comment about filing reconsideration requests – make sure you are filing the request in the same language as your website. TIL: Writing a reconsideration request in English if the site is not English is a brilliant way to shoot yourself in the […]