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Google Rewrites Quality Rating Guide – What SEOs Need to Know

Google Rewrites Quality Rating Guide – What SEOs Need to Know

Google has completely rewritten their Quality Rater’s Guidelines. It has some great new insights into how Google is approaching the search results and what it takes to be a top ranked website. We dive into everything SEOs need to know about the changes. Read more…

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Google’s Penguin Algo Update is Being Worked On By Engineers

In yesterday’s Google Webmaster Central office hours, John Mueller commented that engineers are currently in the process of updated the Google Penguin algorithm.  This is good news for those who may have been penalized by Penguin, as it has been over 9 months since we saw the last update to the Penguin algo. John Mueller […]

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Finally! Bulk Upload Support For Adwords Call Extensions

Since adding additional functionality to call extensions earlier this year, one of the most griped about items by the SEM community has been the lack of bulk support for call extensions. Adwords Editor does not support call extensions at all as of the most recent 10.5 update. Previously, there were also not UI tools to […]

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Time.com Reduces Bounce Rate With Continuous Scrolling Design

Continuous scrolling sites – also known as infinite scrolling sites – seem to be the “in” thing for websites undergoing redesigns this year.  And some pretty big brands are weighing in about how they are seeing massive benefits from continuous scrolling pages in an article from Sam Kirkland at Poynter.org Many people got their first […]


It Just So Happens That Press Release SEO is Only MOSTLY Dead

Over on ClickZ last week, Andrew Edwards asked, “Is SEO dead?” You can read his column and the 42 comments that it generated for yourself. Or, you can scan the infographic below that Aaron Wall of SEO Book published on Oct. 1, 2012, after the “death of SEO” had been previously declared after Google’s Florida […]

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Top SEM Picks – Week in Review July 20, 2014

Here is the best of the best that you might have missed last week in the SEM industry, so you are all caught up for the start of the work week. From The SEM Post Life Insurance Company Advertises on “Malaysian Airlines” on AdWords Google Reduces Video Snippets Visibility in Search Results More Large Embedded […]

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Google Reduces Video Snippets Visibility in Search Results

If you are an SEO who makes extensive use of video rich snippets in the search results, Google has made a change that dramatically affects the number of video thumbnails (snippets) that appear in the Google search results.  The changes also hints that there might be an algorithm change that goes beyond video snippets in […]

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More Large Embedded Videos in Google Search Results

Google is now showing large embedded YouTube videos at the top of the search results for more videos other than the music videos that have previously been shown. Google began showing large music videos embedded right at the top of the search results when users were searching for specific songs that people were likely to […]

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Pinterest Launches New Interest Category Pages

Pinterest has launched a brand new feature – category pages.  These pages act as a guide to Pinterest, showing some broadly targeted pins in each category area and allowing users to narrow down to specific types of content displayed. They also want users to take advantage of these new categories by following them so that […]

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Facebook Testing New “Buy” Button

Facebook is testing out a brand new feature – a “Buy” button which shows within a suggested post in a user’s news stream.  The button displays on a sponsored post where a company shares a product, which includes information about the product, the pricing and the “Buy Button”. Facebook has selected a few small and […]