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Google’s Mobile Friendly Algo: Everything You Need to Know

Google’s Mobile Friendly Algo: Everything You Need to Know

Everything you could possibly want to know about Google’s new mobile friendly ranking algo that is launching on April 21st for all mobile searchers. Get your websites mobile friendly with all the information here! Read more…

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Google: Sites Can Benefit From Links in Other Languages

Have you ever wondered how Google reacts to links that come from a different language website than the one your site is in?  After all, some of these links can be perfectly targeted and coming from a site about the same topic, but just happen to be in two different languages. Can websites benefit from […]

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Google’s Duplicate Content Filter for Images & Videos

While we have known for a very long time about the duplicate content filter for written content, it wasn’t quite as clear if the same thing applies to other types of content such as images and video. The question came up specifically about videos and if a website could benefit from uploading the identical video […]

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New Panda Refresh Timeline: Expect in Next Couple of Weeks

We have all been anxiously awaiting the next Google Panda update ever since Gary Illyes from Google officially announced the upcoming refresh a month ago.  And it looks like we will be waiting a little bit longer. In today’s Google webmaster hangout, John Mueller once again addressed when we might see the Panda refresh, and […]


What Yahoo Testing Google Search Results Over Bing’s Really Means

In a move that isn’t entirely unexpected, Yahoo is testing out Google search results instead of their usual Bing search results for searches done on Yahoo.  It seems to be an extremely limited test at this time, but the fact that Yahoo is testing Google results at all is very significant. Here are some things […]

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Google Testing Price Comparison in Product Listing Ads

Google is pointing out when a specific listing in their Product Listing Ads is notably less expensive than the others listed within the same PLA ad unit. The ads that are the lowest price in the PLA ads are noted with a “Price is X% lower than average online prices.”  It is displayed underneath the […]

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Facebook’s Rainbow Filters and the Algorithmic Echo Chamber

This weekend has been full of news and momentous occasions that have made a significant impact in media outlets of all shapes and sizes. From local news papers to major national television news networks to the individuals with righteous opinions of every stripe, we cannot turn on a TV, radio, computer or personal device without […]

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Show Google My Business Ratings in Google AdWords Ads

In a change that has been anxiously awaited by many local business advertisers, Google AdWords is finally adding support to the location extensions by displaying Google My Business ratings in search ads. Starting today, ratings from your Google My Business listings are eligible to appear in ads with location extensions enabled on desktop and tablet. […]

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Bing Ads Ending Content Ads on Microsoft, Yahoo & Partner Sites

If you run content ads on Bing Ads, Bing will stop serving on nearly all their properties the ads are currently displayed on. The announcement, which comes quickly after the news that AOL is taking over the display ad business from Bing, means that Bing Ads will no longer serve content ads on Microsoft, Yahoo […]

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How Google Applies the Search Algo to Different Languages

It is a question that comes up periodically about Google’s search algo – does the algorithm treat different languages differently when it comes to their core Google ranking algo or is it a one-size-fits-all approach where all languages have the identical algo applied. The latest Google Webmaster Hangout for English/Hindi webmasters tackled this topic, with […]

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Viewing Multiple Sites Together in Google’s Search Console

Do you want the ability to view multiple sites at once in Google’s Search Console?  Whether it is because you have multiple small and/or related sites, you have a site set up with multiple subdomains, or you are transitioning to https and have your information split across two accounts, Google is looking for feedback on […]

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Google Removes Brand’s Google+ Posts from Knowledge Panel

One of the perks for brands who were also active on Google+ is that their most recent post on Google+ would also be featured in the knowledge panel for their brand or company, whenever it was triggered in a regular Google search result.  Not any longer.  Google has removed all Google+ posts from being displayed […]

pagerank sculpting

Google: PageRank Sculpting Still Doesn’t Work

Years ago, PageRank sculpting was the “big SEO thing” and it seemed like all SEOs – at least those who followed the SEO forums at the time – were trying it out.  SEOs are still doing sculpting, although to a lesser extent, these days, but how effective is it?  According to Google, not at all. […]

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Bing Becomes AOL’s Default Search & AOL Takes Over Display Ads

In a surprise move, Bing has become the default search engine for AOL and its “portfolio of sites” for ten years, according to a blog post by Microsoft. Bing will now power search and search advertising across the AOL portfolio of sites.  This 10-year agreement will enable AOL users to have access to world-class search […]

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Google Adds Founder & Management Featured Snippets & Rich Lists for Companies

Google has added founder and management information for many large companies into their search results.  They appear as rich lists, featured snippets, and carousels, and they appear alongside the traditional knowledge panels that Google has displayed for many companies for some time. The rich lists show up for a variety of companies – both tech […]

Give URLs Upgrade

“SEO” Be Damned, It’s Time Give Your URLs An Upgrade

Web marketers have known for years that the words we use in page URLs were factored into the search algorithm. There has always been a debate as to how much of a factor these words contribute, but the general consensus is between a little and not much. In fact, for years SEOs cautioned against changing […]

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Google Adds Featured Snippets & Rich Lists for Books

If you are an avid reader, you will be happy to know that Google has expanded on the number of book related search queries that will now trigger a featured snippet or rich list in the search results. They are showing up for a variety of queries when searching for a book or book series […]

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Yes, Google’s Panda Refresh Still Coming Soon

Yes, Panda is still coming, but no, we don’t have a specific date… yet. This is the word from Gary Illyes at Google when asked about when Google’s Panda refresh was to be expected, and he joked about why he should stop giving specific time frames on updates. @DanHowdle @Marie_Haynes And that's kids, why I […]

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Proving the Benefits of Pay Per Click Beyond the Initial Conversion

Particularly in this time of multi-screen research and shopping, booking and ordering, where it’s often hard to place a user’s paid visit on mobile to a sale received on a work PC, for example, you may want to justify investment in mobile and in some shorter tail keywords. These often appear not to directly convert […]