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Google Panda Update: Everything We Know About Panda 4.2

Google Panda Update: Everything We Know About Panda 4.2

Google has finally released the long-awaited Panda update. Here is everything we know about the new update with plenty of quotes from SEO & Google penalty experts. Read more…

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server down google

Server Go Down? How Google Handles Rankings & SEO After

Having a website go offline is one of the top concerns for nearly every webmaster.  Not only do you have the fact you are losing traffic to your site and causing your visitors to go to your competitors instead, there is also the very real issue of how it affects your Google rankings. The question […]

movie ratings kp 1

Google Adds Movie & TV Show Review Ratings to Knowledge Panel

A new feature has popped up in the Google knowledge panel that shows reviews given by the leading movie and television review sites, which displays on the right hand side of the search results in the Google knowledge panel. There are a couple different ways that Google displays them in the panel. Here is the […]

yahoo shopping ads 1a

Yahoo Product Listing Ads With Added Filters in Search Results

Yahoo is testing a pretty unique version of their Yahoo Shopping Ads in their search results.  While the ad unit features the usual thumbnails and products, it also allows you to click through options to “shop by brand” and “shop by price.” Here is another example with the option to “shop by category.” And this […]

ssl ranking boost

SSL Ranking Boost, Called TLS, By Page Not Sidewide

If you are looking for that tiny SSL search boost for your website, or are being proactive for when Google decides to ramp up their SSL search signal, John Mueller talked a little bit about it in today’s search hangout. One thing we learned is that the SSL ranking boost has an actual name, TLS, […]

google affiliate links

Google: Affiliate Links Do Not Hurt a Website

There has been speculation over the years about whether or not affiliate links on a website can hurt a site or not when it comes to SEO and Google rankings.  The question came up today in the Google Webmaster Hangout, and John Mueller addressed how Google views affiliate sites. First he said Google doesn’t have […]

google indexing more urls

Google Indexing More URLs From Websites

Have you notice an uptick in the number of URLs that Google is reporting as indexed in Google Search Console?  Well, there is a good reason for that.  Google is now indexing more URLs. Glenn Gabe was the first to notice the huge increase in URLs, which seemed to start on July 26th.  One site […]

google panda roll out slow

Google: Why the Panda 4.2 Roll Out is So Slow

There has been a lot of talk about how slow this latest Panda update is, with the roll out expected to last months.  It has been so slow, in fact, that it isn’t even registering on the popular “algo weather” apps, such as Mozcast. There has also been a lot of speculation as to the […]

disavow blogspot

How to Disavow All Blogspot Links Including TLDs

Chances are if you have ever done a disavow file, you have come across multiple blogspot.com links, as well as links coming from the various international versions of Blogspot, each of which is hosted on its own country-specific TLD.   And it can be a chore to disavow them all. Marie Haynes shared an incredibly useful […]

google local professionals 1

Google AdWords Testing Home Service Ads

Google is clearly moving into the home service professionals recommendation space with a new advertising product called Home Service beta ads. Dr. Pete was the first one to spot these new ads, and then AdWords confirmed them. @BryantGarvin No, not the ad that @dr_pete had a screenshot of. This is a beta Home Service ad, […]


Google AdWords Upgrades Dynamic Search Ads

Google has upgraded their Dynamic Search Ads (DSA), a product which AdWords first released in beta in October 2011. DSA uses Google’s organic web crawlers to match search queries with website content to automatically generate an ad headline and landing page. This helps to showcase deep content as well lessen PPC management on inventory that […]

google high search keywords seo

Does Google Focus More on High Search Volume Keywords for SEO?

Gary Illyes responded to an interesting question on Twitter which questions whether Google puts more focus on keywords with higher search volume over those keywords with a lower search volume. @Jonny_J_ No. — Gary Illyes (@methode) July 30, 2015 In some respects, I could see why some would think this is a possibility.  After all, […]

app interstitials error 3

Google Adds App Interstitials as Mobile Usability Error in Search Console

Google is taking the first step to reduce the number of app interstitials presented to mobile users when visiting a website.  Starting August 14th, Google will begin treating webpages that serve users with a full page app interstitial as a mobile usability error in Google Search Console. August 14 Having a full-page interstitial popup on […]

google play app ads

Google AdWords Launches App Install Ads on Google Play

Do you have an app you would love to see advertised on the Google Play store?  If so, you are in luck because Google AdWords has just launched Search Ads on the Google Play store. Google began testing the new ads on Google Play in February as part of a pilot program, but have now […]


Best Practices for Optimizing Your Crawl Budget for SEO

This year one thing everyone seems to be talking about is crawl budget. But what is it, why is it so important and how can you optimise it for search engines? What is a Crawl Budget? Put simply, crawl budget is an imaginary amount of pages that Googlebot will spend attempting to crawl and index […]

google css javascript alerts

More From Google on Blocked CSS & JavaScript Warnings

We have some more information about all those email alerts that Google Search Console sent to webmasters yesterday. How Many Messages Sent? If you were paying attention on Twitter, it seemed like everyone was getting these alerts. Google sent a lot fewer of them than they sent of those mobile friendly warnings a few months […]

how to unblock css js

How to Unblock All CSS & Javascript for Googlebot Using Robots.txt

If you have received one of the many warnings Google sent out about “Googlebot cannot access CSS and JS files” in your Google Search Console, there has been much confusion about how to ensure you are allowing Googlebot to crawl these blocked resources without potentially opening yourself up to security issues, as the commonly blocked […]

blocked resources

How to Find Blocked CSS & Javascript in Google Search Console

Have you received one of the new “Googlebot cannot access CSS & JS files” warnings but don’t know how to find out what has been blocked?  Some will be for third party resources which Google has previously said webmasters do not need to worry about. While there are likely some false-positives, some of those are […]