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Google Takes Action Against European & German Link Networks

Google Takes Action Against European & German Link Networks

Google has once again stepped up their attack on international link spam by announcing they have taken action against two link networks, one European and one German. Read more…

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Facebook Organic Impressions Down 50% But Paid Impressions Up Only 5%

It has been obvious to marketers that Facebook has been repeatedly reducing organic impressions of Page posts for months, but now we have the stats behind it and it shows Facebook has reduced organic impressions have been reduced by 50% over the past year. Adobe Digital Index released their Global Digital Advertising Report for Q3 […]

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Twitpic Shutting Down Once Again

A month after Twitpic first announced it was closing due to a trademark issue, then announcing it had been acquired, Twitpic has once again announced that they will be shutting down. Twitpic, the first service for Twitter users that made it easy to upload photos for tweets, announced it was shutting down at the beginning […]

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Differences Between XML Sitemaps and RSS/Atom Feeds & Why You Should Use Both

The Google Webmaster Central Blog has posted tips to help webmasters navigate the differences between XML sitemaps and  RSS/Atom feeds, as well as when to use either – or both. It is important for webmasters to submit sitemaps, particularly for sites that are very large or updated very frequently.  But while many webmasters submit either […]

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Why Facebook Edging Out YouTube for Video Views Isn’t That Impressive

For the first time, Facebook edges out YouTube for video views according to the August comScore data just released. While on the surface, Facebook having more video views than YouTube sounds very impressive, the reality is a lot less so.  The numbers take into account videos viewed on Facebook that autoplayed, something users have been […]

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Accomplishing a 45% Conversion Rate on a New AdWords Account

Every AdWords manager dreams about achieving conversion rates over 10%, especially when the average AdWords conversion rate runs about 2.5%. So, for me, any time I can push a campaign conversion rate over 10%, it is like hitting the AdWords jackpot! So when I managed to achieve an incredible 45% conversion rate across an entire […]

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Bing Ads Testing Expanded Consumer Ratings Annotations

Bing Ads is testing a new expanded review ad format, officially called Consumer Ratings Annotations.  Normally, with the reviews extension we see the number of reviews, how many stars the company has, and a link to the reviews on Bing.  Now, there is also an additional review line added to the ad, showing further detail […]

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Bing Ads Testing Twitter Follower Count in Ads

Bing Ads is testing a new ad extension called Twitter Annotations which displays the number of Twitter followers each advertiser has. The Twitter Annotation appears below the title and URL of the Bing Ads top ad unit in the search results, or for those who are also utilizing ratings, it appears to the right of […]

Are Your PPC Campaign Results Better Than They Look? Or Worse?

At this time of year, the pressure is on to “be ready” for the upcoming hot season, and to “work with increased budgets.” Various cheerleaders and naysayers in your company (and especially, our friends at the search engines) may be pushing you and pulling you every which way, trying to find justifications in current profitability […]

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Google AdWords Introducing Local Number Call Extensions

One of the concerns many advertisers have is that local customers might be dissuaded from phoning a business that utilizes call extensions with a number that appears to be outside of the local area, especially for those who might not recognize a Google toll free number used on some ads.  However, Google is now introducing […]

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Why Duane Forrester is a Fabulous Search Personality of the Year

As one of the judges for this year’s US Search Awards, I knew who the winner of the Search Personality of the Year would be – Duane Forrester of Bing Webmaster Tools.  And what made this choice even better?  Sitting close to Duane Forrester as Marty Weintraub – last year’s winner – described the winner […]