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Google Panda Update: Everything We Know About Panda 4.2

Google Panda Update: Everything We Know About Panda 4.2

Google has finally released the long-awaited Panda update. Here is everything we know about the new update with plenty of quotes from SEO & Google penalty experts. Read more…

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Twitter Adds Hearts to Their New Mobile UI Test

Twitter is testing a new look to their mobile Twitter UI… and it will likely drive you crazy…. For starter, stars for favorites are gone, and have been replaced with hearts.  And it doesn’t get much better from there, especially for regular or longtime Twitter users. Yes, it definitely looks like they hired a teenage […]

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The Hidden Danger of the Search Partner Network

Even if you’ve advertised on Google AdWords for some time (and Bing Ads), you may not be familiar or fully understand the issue of the Partner Networks and how much they can affect your pay per click account performance. There are times when you may feel overall performance has worsened, for example, but the reality […]

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iOS 9 Content Blocking Loads Pages 3.9X Faster

There has been a lot of talk about the upcoming iOS having content blockers – aka ad blocker – and TheNextWeb has brought attention to some interesting tests being done with iOS beta and focusing on ad blocking technology that is included with it… and it should scare anyone who makes money with online advertising. […]

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Referral Spam Hitting Google AdSense Publishers Too

It seems as though those annoying Google Analytics referral spammers have a new target – your Google AdSense account.  Last week I noticed that there were some new sites that popped up under the “Sites” report that show all domains that ads are displayed on. Semalt has been the largest referral spammer in Google Analytics, […]

google local primary categories

Google Showing GMB Categories in Packs & Local Search Results

Google is now showing Google My Business primary categories in some Google local search results, both in pack listings and in the expanded map listings. Brian Barwig was the first to notice the difference, although looking back on some screenshots, it does appear in a few of them.  However, because of the nature of the […]

google animated search tools

Google Adds Script for Search Tools Filters in Search Results

Google has made a slight adjustment to their search results, using a script to show the “Any time” and “All results” filters when clicking on “Search tools” filtering options.  It replaces the usual line “About xxx,xxx search results (o.x seconds)” at the top of the search results when it is clicked. Here it is in […]

googlebot iphone useragent

Googlebot Has New iPhone User-Agent for Crawling

It looks like Google has given its Googlebot crawler a brand new iPhone.  If you track Googlebot visits to your site, or emulate one to “view as Googlebot” for testing purposes, you should be aware that Googlebot has a new iPhone user-agent to reflect the iOS 8 from iOS 6 difference. The new iPhone Googlebot […]

google analytics feedback

Google Analytics Asking for User Feedback

Google Analytics seems to be the latest Google product to ask for feedback from its users. When I logged into Google Analytics this morning, I got this pop-up layover on the bottom right of the Analytics screen, this led to a series of questions about the product, satisfaction level, and how they could improve upon […]

google automated pla extensions

New Automated Extensions for Google’s Product Listing Ads

Just in time for the holiday advertising ramp up, Google announced automated extensions for Shopping campaigns in Adwords, officially known as Product Listing Ads. Automated extensions will be replacing promotional texts in PLAs. Promotional text was used to include additional ad copy in a PLA. These promotional texts are entered into Adwords manually. We have […]

facebook animated gif

Facebook Allowing Animated GIFs in Ads & Boosted Posts Test

It seems that auto-play video ads aren’t the only thing that will be annoying Facebook users.  Facebook is now allowing businesses to post animated GIFs in both ads and boosted posts. Facebook actually began to allow animated GIFs for personal Facebook users, however most people aren’t aware that Facebook made the change in May. Facebook […]

google sponsored video ads search

Google Testing Sponsored Video Ads in Search Results Too

I recently spotted both Yahoo and Bing showing sponsored video ads right in their search results and it appears as though Google is doing the same, according to Digiday. These ads are only in a limited test right now, but it likely seen as a way to get video ads before more searchers outside of […]

new bug sitemaps numbers

What Webmasters Should Know About Stagefright

Stagefright! Oh no do you have “Stagefright”? No not that paralyzing fear of talking in front of a group of people. Stagefright is the latest in a series of Android OS vulnerabilities. Basically, if you have Android OS you need to assume you are vulnerable until you are sure you are not. What is “Stagefright”? […]

new bug sitemaps numbers

New Bug With Indexed URL Numbers in Google Search Console

Google Search Console recently had a bug with the number of reported URLs being shown for XML Sitemap numbers.  And Google confirms that it there is a new bug in indexed URL numbers now. It is unclear exactly what causes the bug, but if you spot a drop in the number of indexed pages showing […]