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Penguin 3.0 Finally Updates – Google Hits Homepages, Affiliates & 301 Redirect Spam

Penguin 3.0 Finally Updates – Google Hits Homepages, Affiliates & 301 Redirect Spam

Penguin 3.0 is here! The latest on the types of sites that got hit with quotes from SEOs on what they are seeing. Did link buyers win this round as Dave Naylor feels? Read more…

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Google Takes Down Polish Link Network Prolink, Both Publishers & Advertisers Hit Prolink Confirms

Google has taken down yet another Polish link network… this time Prolink.pl was taken down over the weekend. This penalty affects both publishers and advertisers through their link network.  Affected webmasters began receiving unnatural link notices through their Google Webmaster Tools account on the weekend. Sebastian Miśniakiewicz from SEO Profi wrote a blog post detailing […]


Google AdWords Adds New Conversion Estimates to Keyword Planner

Google has announced they have added new conversion estimates into their Keyword Planner tool, timed to coincide with the busy holiday shopping season. When you enter in both conversion rates and values into the keyword planner, Google can show you how they feel changing your bids will impact your conversions. They provide the data for […]


Google Testing Additional Information in Search Results via Knowledge Graph Information

Sometimes when you’re searching for information on Google, they might not be certain whether to display the full knowledge graph results along with the search results, or skip over it in favor of strictly regular search results. And we’ve also seen how Google adds knowledge graphs to the URL line, where they usually link to […]


Google Launches Contributor, Payment Program To Remove Ads From Publisher Sites

Google has launched Contributor by Google, a brand-new program designed to be an alternative revenue source for publishers. The cost very small from a visitor perspective, asking only $1-$3 per month. Currently, you can select which websites a visitor wants to support, however this may change in the future as right now there are only […]


Blogging Tools You Need to Succeed

Building a successful blogging strategy is never easy and should never be completely automated. With that said, however, there are a number of tools that are available that can make blogging along with your listening and engagement strategy much easier. Time is the most important commodity you have. Using tools to speed up processes and […]


Mobile-Friendly May Become Google Ranking Signal With Addition of New Tag in Search Results

Google has been putting the pressure on webmasters to ensure their websites are as mobile friendly as possible.    With mobile searches nearly edging out desktop for overall percentage of searches, Google wants to ensure that their users are getting the best overall search experience as possible. Now, Google has begun displaying “Mobile-friendly” tags at the […]

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Large Disavow File? Google Can Take 3-9 Months To Process Completely

When disavowing links, many webmasters go and disavow every link they have that could possibly be considered an invalid link in the eyes of Google.  For sites that have been the target of massive negative SEO campaigns or the victim of over-zealous link builders, lists can get pretty huge.  But now it seems that you […]


New Diagnostic Tab For Merchant Center AdWords Advertisers

If you are running Product Listing Ads, you’ve probably run into problems and either weren’t aware they were causing issues or you weren’t exactly sure how to fix them.  Google AdWords is aiming to alleviate some of these issues by launching a brand new Diagnostics tab located in the Google Merchant Center. The new tab […]

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Twitter Now Indexes All Tweets From 2006 To Present

Can you remember the embarrassing tweets you tweeted 7 or 8 years ago?  Well, thanks to new infrastructure at Twitter, people can now search and find everything you have tweeted, as Twitter has now completely indexed every public tweet ever made since the company launched in 2006. The new search is rolling out to all […]


Facebook Pages Take Another Hit On Any Post That Seems Promotional

Do you frequently post great deals or links to hot products?  Or are you a restaurant posting daily specials that can seem too sales-y?  Facebook is yet again (and again) reducing the organic exposure of Facebook Pages’ posts that they deem too promotional. Facebook says they are making the change because users are complaining about […]