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Penguin 3.0 Finally Updates – Google Hits Homepages, Affiliates & 301 Redirect Spam

Penguin 3.0 Finally Updates – Google Hits Homepages, Affiliates & 301 Redirect Spam

Penguin 3.0 is here! The latest on the types of sites that got hit with quotes from SEOs on what they are seeing. Did link buyers win this round as Dave Naylor feels? Read more…

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Google Makes Linking AdSense and Analytics Together Easier

For novice webmasters linking their Google AdSense and Google Analytics accounts together could be a bit challenging.  Google has made linking these accounts together a bit easier with a new update. We’ve recently improved how Google Analytics links to your AdSense account, making it easier than ever to understand what’s working on your site. With […]


Google AdWords Adds Multiple Account Logins Simultaneously

If you manage multiple AdWords accounts, you have probably faced the pain of logging in and out of AdWords accounts while you do it.  AdWords has finally released a new feature that makes it easy for you to swap between multiple Google accounts within AdWords. We know advertisers and agencies are managing multiple accounts, and […]


Google Analytics Adds iPad Functionality to iOS App

If you have been using the recently added Google Analytics App for iOS on your iPhone, you probably discovered that it didn’t look nearly as well on an iPad, as it was simply the iPhone version enlarged.  But Google has now updated their app so that it displays properly on iPad, taking advantage of the […]

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YouTube Adds New Creator Credits Feature to Channels with 10k+ Subscribers

If you have at least 10,000 subscribers, YouTube is now making a creator tools available to those YouTube channels.  Creator tools, which were previously restricted to YouTube channel partners, gives video creators the option to add official credits to their videos to highlight those that worked on the video.  Previously, video creators were forced to […]

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Industry Experts Respond to SEMPO’s Code of Ethics Plans

Last week, Tony Wright and Chris Boggs responded to questions about the proposed Code of Ethics that SEMPO is spearheading.  Now I have put questions to several well known industry experts to get their reactions and opinions on the Code of Ethics plans. I spoke with Rhea Drysdale, CEO of Outspoken Media; Kristine Schachinger, an […]

Recovering from Penguin.

What If You Didn’t Recover From A Penguin Attack

For over a year we all waited. Impatiently mind you … but we waited nonetheless. Knowing that with a Penguin-based penalty (or devaluation if you prefer) victims had no hope of relief until the next regardless of their actions, it was a very very long wait. And then the Penguin refresh began and the results […]


Google Adds Mobile Usability Errors to Webmaster Tools

With the importance Google is placing on sites being mobile friendly, their latest feature added to Google Webmaster Tools will be a big help for those webmasters who might not understand all the nuances of mobile-friendly design.  Webmasters can now see mobile usability errors in Google Webmaster Tools and the number of pages affected by […]

YouTube Confirms Ad-Free Subscription Model Being Considered

In August, the first rumors hit about Google offering an ad-free subscription for YouTube which would allow users to watch unlimited videos without having to watch any pre-roll advertising or with ads displaying on the bottom of the video while it plays. Google has now finally confirmed that they are considering the possibility when YouTube’s […]

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Google Expands Flash Warnings to Mobile Users in Other Languages

Earlier this month, Google began rolling out their warnings to mobile users if a site uses Flash internationally.  They are now expanding this warning feature to many more countries and languages. Google announced the changes on multiple international Google Webmaster Central blogs today, including German, Portuguese, and French. This is one of the many changes […]

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Disable Google’s Site Search in Search Results With Meta Tag

If you don’t want Google to include a site search box within the listing for your website in the Google search results, Google has added a new tag to disable the functionality. Spotted by Menashe Avramov, you simply add <meta name=”google” content=”nositelinkssearchbox” /> They have also added information about the new tag to their “Meta […]

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Blocking Googlebot from CSS & JavaScript Can Hurt Google Rankings

Many webmasters block Googlebot from crawling both CSS and JavaScript for ranking purposes to try and combat things such as the page layout algorithm.  But Google has been advising webmasters not block Googlebot from crawling either, and it has now officially been added to Google’s technical guidelines that blocking CSS and JavaScript so can hurt a website’s […]