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Penguin 3.0 Finally Updates – Google Hits Homepages, Affiliates & 301 Redirect Spam

Penguin 3.0 Finally Updates – Google Hits Homepages, Affiliates & 301 Redirect Spam

Penguin 3.0 is here! The latest on the types of sites that got hit with quotes from SEOs on what they are seeing. Did link buyers win this round as Dave Naylor feels? Read more…

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Google Chrome Wants to Warn Users Before Visiting All Non-HTTPS Sites

Webmasters will have one more reason why they should consider switching their sites to HTTPS as Google Chrome is planning to alert searchers when the site they are wanting to visit is unsecure via HTTPS. According to The Chromium Projects, the Google Chrome security team is proposing that the browser clearly states that HTTP webpages […]


Restructuring PPC To Improve Performance by Geography: A Case Study

When analyzing campaign performance by geography, it isn’t uncommon to find that some locations are more competitive than others. Sometimes a simple bid modifier does the trick but certain situations call for more. Recently, we isolated high volume, high CPA geographies into separate campaigns in an effort to improve lead volume and CPA across said […]

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Facebook Pages Can Now Add End Date to Any Post

If you manage a Facebook Page, you’ll probably be happy to know about a new feature they release that allows you to specify an end date for a post. Many times I’ve been on Facebook and I see a boosted post for an event or holiday that has already past and someone forgot to end […]

Twitter Considering Autoplay Video Ads to Compete With Facebook

Twitter is considering changing videos posted with in the news stream from click to play to autoplay in a move aimed to compete for video ad revenue and expand their ad offerings to advertisers, especially big brands. Many brands, especially those that tend to you have viral videos, with love to see the autoplay feature. […]

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Add Countdown Timer to Google AdWords Ads Without Using Scripts

If you like the idea of Google AdWords account countdown scripts, yet aren’t confident enough to utilize AdWords scripts within your account, there’s good news for you. Google has released a new tool that allows publishers to add the countdown script into their ad copy. Countdown scripts are great to show urgency. Whether it is […]


Twitter Adds Advertising Targeting Options Including Mobile Carrier Targeting & New User Targeting

Twitter has added new advertising targeting options to advertisers including the ability to target specific wireless carriers as well as the ability to target users on the mobile devices. If Twitter knows that someone has a new iPhone, because the first time Twitter has seen a person log into twitter from that device, it encourages […]


Spanish News Publishers Using Google AdWords to Get Back Lost Google News Traffic

We now know how some publishers are reacting to Google closing Google News in response to the upcoming “Google Tax” law in Spain… they are attempting to get the traffic back from Google by running Google AdWords on the keyword “news.” El Mundo and ElEconomista are both currently advertising for “noticias”, which means “news”. Juan […]

Google Confirms Spanish Publishers Removed from Google News & Google News in Spain Closed

Google has confirmed that they did in fact close Google News in Spain and removed all Spanish publishers from Google News worldwide. Google made the closure announcement earlier this week, citing the so-called “Google Tax” that the government in Spain implemented that would require services such as Google News to pay publishers to include their […]


Looking Into the Crystal Ball: 8 Predictions for SEO in 2015

In certain fields, industries, and technologies, change is an integral characteristic. In these fields, keeping up with current trends and whirlwind changes is the key to success. SEO is one of these areas. As 2014 is nearing its end, savvy marketers are looking ahead to see what SEO changes the New Year will bring. SEO […]

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Major WordPress Exploit Affecting Hundreds of Thousands of Sites using RevSlider Premium Plugin

An exploit in a WordPress plug-in has resulted in the infection of over 100,000 WordPress websites since Sunday.  And what is worse, because the plugin is bundled with many themes, many webmasters might be unaware that they use it and are not getting plugin update reminders for what has been termed as a Zero Day […]

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Facebook Drops Bing as Search Results Provider

Facebook has dropped Bing as their search partner on the social media platform, a move that went largely unnoticed. Facebook recently changed how their search functionality works, to allow users to be able to search for specific posts, rather than just finding specific people, groups are pages. However, no one seemed to notice that Bing […]