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Google’s Mobile Friendly Algo: Everything You Need to Know

Google’s Mobile Friendly Algo: Everything You Need to Know

Everything you could possibly want to know about Google’s new mobile friendly ranking algo that is launching on April 21st for all mobile searchers. Get your websites mobile friendly with all the information here! Read more…

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Google Does Not Give Extra Mobile Friendly Boost for Chrome over Safari

Brett Tabke reported today with a couple tidbits from Pubcon that were being tossed around at the conference about Google’s new mobile friendly algorithm that launched today, although unfortunately they weren’t attributed to anyone in particular to get the context.  But they were definitely raising some eyebrows this morning. The one big thing was he […]

wordpress exploit

Many WordPress Plugins With XSS Exploit, WordPress SEO, All in One SEO & Google Analytics by Yoast Affected

Many very popular plugins for SEOs, including WordPress SEO, Google Analytics by Yoast, All In one SEO and WPTouch.  WPTouch is particularly noteworthy as many webmasters used it to get their websites ready for Google’s mobile friendly ranking algo. Securi disclosed the issue and the known affected plugins. This particular exploit could be done on […]

adwords mobile friendly header

Google Testing Mobile Friendly Tag in AdWords Ads

Google is testing adding a “Mobile-Friendly” tag onto the front of the description lines of Google AdWords ads. Here is how Google is displaying AdWords ads with the “Mobile-Friendly” tag. And some from the AdWords footer in the mobile search results. Some advertisers weren’t concerned about whether their sites were mobile friendly or not, as […]

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Using Google Analytics To Track PPC Content Performance

Content marketing is all the rage these days. I probably see 5 or more tweets per day about how to do effective content marketing. And it’s not just hype: content works, especially for high-consideration products or services that have a long sales cycle. The phrase “long sales cycle” can strike fear in the hearts of […]

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Twitter Adds New Setting to Direct Messages, Allows Users to Accept DMs Without Following the Sender.

Twitter has finally made a great move for brands – the ability to allow Twitter users to Direct Message (DM) a Twitter user, even if they aren’t following.  This will make customer service easier for brands without having to worry about who follows who in order to facilitate it. It is one of the pain […]

people also ask payday

Google’s “People Also Ask” Showing for Highly Competitive Keywords

Google’s new “People Also Ask” that is being tested has now started showing up for highly competitive keyword phrases… with the suggestions displaying commercial sites related to the keyword search. Google began testing “People Also Ask” last week, however at the time it seemed to only display for non-commercial queries. In this case, a search […]


Deep Diving Into the New Google Mobile Breadcrumb URL Structure

Google has finally taken their new breadcrumb-style mobile URL structure live to all mobile users, just in time for the Google mobile-friendly algo change. We first noticed Google testing them at the start of the month, although at that time it had a slightly different structure than the one Google went live with. There is […]


Checking Your Site for Mobile-Friendliness? Check Internal Pages Too

Most people just tend to check their homepage when it comes to ensuring their sites are mobile friendly.  And again, it is their homepage that people check in Google Search to make sure they have the mobile-friendly tag.  But you should be checking more than just the homepage too. I have heard of several cases […]

google france algo competitors

France Wants Google to Put 3 Competitors on Homepage & Reveal Search Algo

The war by France against Google is escalating as France’s upper house of parliament voted to not only require Google to give up their search ranking algorithm, but to force it to include links to three other search engine competitors – including one from France – on their Google homepage.  The Senate passed the amendment […]

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Facebook Deprecating Like Box on June 23rd

If you are using Facebook’s Like Box, you should be aware that they are making changes to the API which will cause the Like Box to no longer work on June 23, 2015. Facebook is suggesting that webmasters use the newer Page Plugin instead, but you will need to remove the old code before you […]


Google AdWords Moves Towards HTTPS for All Advertisers

Google is making the move to ensure most of the advertisements running through YouTube, Google Display Network, AdMob and Doubleclick will be served securely.  Google as outlined their targets for moving ads to HTTPS from HTTP. They announced it as part of their HTTPS Everywhere mission, which has seen things such as a small search […]


Google Adds Apps to Mobile Search Results

If you are using an Android phone, you will now see apps from Google Play in the search results when there are apps that match the keywords searched for. Here is the image Google provided that shows the apps in search results. These app results can definitely be intrusive.  In the screen shot included in […]


Google Testing “People Also Ask” Box in Search Results

Google is testing a new search feature for desktop users, displaying “People also ask” with additional search results displayed. The box appears after the top one or two organic search results.   Google then displays a box underneath showing “People also ask” with a set of additional search queries in the form of a question, […]

new mobile layout

Google Testing Desktop-Style Mobile Search Results

Google is testing a brand new style of mobile search results that is much cleaner and seems to take some style elements from regular desktop search. Google has taken the Google logo and placed it above the search box Android Police has the screenshot comparing the old style with the new, and I must say […]


Upgraded Adwords Reporting Rolling Out to Accounts

Who remembers April 22, 2014 when Google hosted a livestream forum titled #StepIntoAdwords on upcoming enterprise level features that would be added to Adwords? Of the announcements, most SEMs were most excited about the promise of customizable multidimensional reports and data visualization tools. Only a week later, excited about the potential, some started questioning when exactly […]

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Google’s Mobile Friendly Algo: Everything You Need to Know

April 21st brings the day we will see Google’s mobile friendly algo goes live to all mobile searchers.  Here is everything you could possibly need to know about the mobile algo, including the most common questions as well as some of the more obscure things that do or do not have an impact on the […]

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Yahoo & Bing / Microsoft Have Agreed to Amend Search Partnership

Yahoo has issued a press release stating they have amended the search partnership with Microsoft to serve Bing Search results and Bing Ads advertisements to their searchers.    They recently extended the deadline to extend the search agreement amendment period for an extra thirty days, a clue that changes to the initial agreement 5 years ago […]